Knitting on a plane

I went to FL this past couple of days. My cousin got married so my family and I flew down on Friday night.

The weather there was awesome, especially compared to here.

My dad was surprised I could bring knitting needles onto the plane, plus the scissors I also had in my knitting bag. But I have never had a problem. So I guess I don't think twice about it.

I did leave a number 2 needle somewhere in FL and I'm a little upset about that, because I had started a pair of socks and without that needle it seems a little impossible to complete my task! But I guess I have a new task at hand, I've wanted to try and make some DPN's out of bamboo skewers so I guess I am going to get my chance. :)

I did finish these.

And I started a pair of monkey socks which I have wanted to make for FOREVER.
I think I'm also going to start being better about using ravelry.
I did just post this sock project. I'd love to know who else out there is on Ravelry so I can keep connected that way too! :) I'm maria1975. I think I might spend some time in the next couple of weeks cataloging everything I have, knitting wise that is.

Lastly, for those of you who are the praying type, could you please keep my friends Melissa and her DH Allen in your prayers. They had a horrible couple of days and I know they could use as many prayers as possible.