First Snow!

This morning I woke to the first snow of the season! It's so pretty, until I had to leave to go to work and then it was a pain in my arse! :)

Here's Oscar with the snow all over his face...he was a little scared to go out at first, but then that's all he wanted to do was go out and not be cleaned off when he came in.

And if you want to see something really funny...check this picture out. I can't fingure out how this happened after I color corrected the photo cause he doesn't look blue till I upload him...very odd. Figured it out, because I made it CMYK instead of RGB, I think.


  1. Oscar is so cute in the snow. I really don't enjoy bringing them in to clean them off. My winston loves the snow!!!but the snow balls up on his legs belly face arms it gets really messy. I love the picture when he was blue it made me laugh. Hope that your travel to work wasn't too bad :)

  2. In the alternate picture he looks like a kool-ade pup! So cute!