Ripit x2!

Was working on my Mid Nov KAL dishcloth and I have screwed up again! I did this once before, I skipped a row or something because all the sudden everything is inside out! UGG!
I don't know how I do that, I'm usually really good about that stuff, it just seems to happen with dishcloths, I think it's because when I'm making the onces in my yahoo group, it's a mystery as to the pattern, so I don't even look at them while I'm working. It's like a puzzle, I do the puzzle, but I don't always look at the picture, just the shapes and colors. Yeah, slightly autistic, I know.

So here's what it looks like and soon it will look like a ball of yarn! :)

Oh and yes the blue one is two-toned, cause I ran out of that blue yarn. I thought at first we were knitting two sides of the same cloth and then we were going to put them together (which would be very cool) so I figured I could use up some scrap yarn, I guess I was wrong. Wont be the last time, I'm sure of that one!

I hope everyone else had a better experience with the KAL. But you know what? The next one starts in like 3 days. Another day...another chance to get it right.

I also decided that I'm going to rip the hat I made. I wore it yesterday (yes it is getting cold here in Indy) and I caught a glimpse of myself in the hate...I hate it! Rip it and try something else.

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