My Hot Saturday Night

Here's a photo of my hot Saturday night. My margarita, my new knitting project, a movie- The Parent Trap (the original- gotta love Haley Mills), my place is still clean. Go Maria!

I'm having Shell and her son over, as well as Terry and Chris will both be stopping by. We are going to play games! Hopefully I will clean properly after they leave.

Oh and I finished the Yoga bag this morning, I'll show it to you when I get Mindy (the new owner of it) to pose for a pic!

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  1. Hey Maria,
    Wow your place looks great it is so clean!!! I am envious. We are still trying to get settled in from moving so it has been a little crazy and my place definitely isn't clean like yours. I hope you are well and so excited to see you posting frequently. Take Care.