My Arty Weekend

This weekend was fun. Chris was sick so we didn't do a whole lot of exciting stuff. But we did go see the art show for Ivy Tech students and several of the pieces were really good. Yeah for college students!

Saturday we celebrated my dads birthday and he wanted to see the Rome exhibit that is at the IMA. I was quite surprised that he was interested in seeing the exhibit.

Beyond that I just kinda hung out. I did do some knitting. A dishcloth and the yoga bag.

Notice the computer sitting there. Well, later Sunday evening I spilt a cup of tea all over it. And now it appears to be fried. Yeah Maria!

I spent the rest of Sunday night mopping it up and seeing if it will start up. Not so much, it can't find the hard drive. Guess I need to go see a Mac Genius.

After class last night I have spent the better part of the evening, trying to put an updated operating system onto this older G5 that I happen to have (yes it has just been sitting there as an untapped resource for a whole-thank you work for deciding it was obsolete and getting rid of it and giving it to me). But I think I have it up and running now.

Here is the in process of the updating. Yes that's my dish cloth from my monthly KAL which I haven't participated in for like 4 months. Not really since this fiasco. And I'm not so sure about this one either. I do however LOVE the border. I'm going to have to repurpose it!

I've been looking at how to get my music off my iPod and back onto a computer. I've been without podcasts this feels a little weird. I have a couple of programs to try so I hope to do that this evening along with—wait for it...

Cleaning my office. It is a PIT!

I just shoved stuff in there while I was going to paint my spare room, which was months ago—July to be exact.

Look here's part of my yarn stash...just the cotton. Also, if you look closely, that photo to the left of my yarn box you can see a picture of me 100lb heavier. Aint that a treat!

The color was too pink, and haven't picked up new paint (maybe a plan for this weekend?). But I need to move stuff out of there and back into the spare room so I can get that computer off of my dinning room table. So much to do, so little time. Good thing I'm taking Thursday and Friday off!

But man, looking at these photos, it looks like I live in a pit. I promise there are very clean places in my home! Don't judge me! :)

I'll keep up informed of how it all goes down. Wish me luck!

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