I'm so domesticated!

Look at this!
I took yesterday off and turned this, into this



Lookie Cristina a little less clutter and everything has it's place. :)
And yes the computer in the first picture is the one that was previously in the cluttered dining room.

and now!

What a change!

Living room got cleaned up as well.

Yes I knitted that blanket last winter, looks a little rugged, it was my first blanket so what could I really expect right? Plus really my first time doing any real color changing work.

But the room really isn't completely done.

Those little 'hiding places, but I worked from 8 yesterday morning til about 2 when i had to take a shower, then go to the grocery store so I could get stuff for diner. I made dinner for Chris and I and I have to tell you, it was excellent!
And easy!

I stole the idea from Fazoli's, some new meal they have which I had the other night. Here is the recipe:

1 container of Sausage-I used the sage flavored Jimmy Dean
1 box of whole wheat rigatoni
1 container of garlic and tomato sauce
1 bag of mozzarella cheese

Brown the sausage. Boil the pasta.
In an over proof container (I have a large cast iron skillet that works GREAT) line the bottom with sauce, pile the pasta on top, put a little more sauce on top, put the sausage on top of that, put the last of the sauce on top of the sausage and then cover with cheese. Put under the broiler until the cheese is melted and brown.
Serve with garlic bread!
It makes a lot, Chris took a big old bowl of it home for lunch today and I have half a skillet still. I'll be eating it for the rest of the weekend.

OK, knitting...this is a knitting blog right, not a how I fixed my house blog and lets just face it, just because it was still clean this morning when I woke up (which made me incredibly happy) it probably wont stay this while forever. :)

So while Chris and I were watching movies last night. We watched a documentary called The Devils Playground-which I couldn't knit though cause I was eating and just too fascinated. It's about Amish teenagers taking their Rumspringa. (shot in Indiana- we have a large Amish community north of Indianapolis).

After that we watched The Third Miracle which was good-clearly we had a little religious movie night. While watching that one I knitted and I am finished with the body of the yoga bag for Mindy. Just need to do the icord for closing the top and then the shoulder strap. YEAH, I think I'll finish it at some point this weekend.

Looks pretty good.

Mindy choose the yarn and I think it looks nice. I was thinking about maybe using just a plain pink or purple for the strap and icord, but I don't know how I feel about that. I can't decide if that would draw too much attention to the icord and strap. Opinions?

OK, I need to go grab a shower and maybe clean a little of my bedroom, which is my next room to tackle. Maybe more domestic pics tomorrow. :)

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