I am at Panera...Yeah for free WIFI!
I'm staying at little sisters house this weekend. She went down to Cinci for a bachelorette party so I am staying at her house with her dogs, plus Oscar. They all get along really well, I will try and take a pic of them all this afternoon and post it tomorrow.
I have to say, it's really nice to have cable, even if it is just for a weekend. :) I watched Best Week Ever, What Not To Wear and Scott Baio is 45 and Single last night!
I have brought a couple of knitting projects with me, but I somehow forgot the cable washcloth I started yesterday. Cristina, I promise to get that knitted up in the next couple of days and I am so thankful for you sending me that pattern.

I came across this today while reading one of the 800 digest emails I get from my yahoo group. Kinda funny and so true, plus I love the animation.

Can you see what's missing from this picture?

It's kinda hard to see from the angle, but the mirror cover on the passenger side is missing. ICK! And you wouldn't believe the cost of replacing that thing. $99 for a plastic cover!

Ridiculous! Needless to say, it's been missing for about 6 months now. Well, my MINI guy called me this week, on Tuesday, which was a HORRIBLE day for me. But he made my day when he told me he found a cover for me. (If you live in Indianapolis and are looking for a car at Dryer & Reinbold PLEASE let me know, I will give you his name, he's AWESOME!).
So, I went and got the MINI washed this morning and got a new cover for the mirror. He gave it to me, so I made him this. Not too exciting, but once I found out he was giving me the cover I had to do something for him. I think I will make him a couple more. Maybe a coffee cup cover too.

OK, I'm going to have to head out now. I just got my 3rd HUGE ice tea (I'm pretty sure I'll be awake for the rest of the weekend), and the group of ANNOYING girls are sitting next to me, there were plenty of places to sit, but they had to sit next to me—I will never understand why people do that! And I just can't take the teen talk anymore! Not to mention the 2 girls who are sitting quite a ways away from me and are talking so loud, I can hear them over the group that is sitting next to me.

So off I go to run the rest of my errands and maybe I'm meet up with this guy Tommy I went out on a couple of dates with about 6 months ago and has all the sudden started calling me again...why do boys do that?

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