One down

I finished my first sock.'s not perfect, I dropped a stitch at some point and didn't do a great job of picking up stitches after the heel was complete, not to mention how poorly I grafted the toe but I do LOVE my sock and can't wait to make it's flawed mate. (Look it's just like a dating relationship...I'm the first sock, kinda messed up a little, but I will find the a mate to accompany me and he will be perfect where I am lacking and I will be perfect where he is lacking):)

Here's a picture from early on today:

Here is a finished view (yes that is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on in the background)

And here is the bottom. Don't you just love the color concentration on the heel!

Well, I will be waiting till later on in the week to start the second sock. I want to wait till these come in.
I just purchased them yesterday on ebay. I originally went to Knit Stop in Indy and purchased a single set of five short dpn US3. Ha in India or something. Came in a cute little tin (way too expensive) but when I brought them home and opened them, 3 of the needles were size 3.5 one was a 2 and one was a 4. Now it said right on the receipt that you couldn't bring needles back, but luckily they did let me return them. And they were SO nice about it and apologetic, like it was there fault the needles weren't the same size. I will most definately shop there again. The staff was very nice and they have a ton of awesome yarn!
Anyway, after I returned those (and they didn't have any other short US3's) I came home and bought a set of 13 short dpn for about half the price the others cost me. Much better deal!

So I think I'll be knitting a couple of dishcloths early on this week. Hopefully working to fix the pattern I made last week, that just didn't workout the way I had wanted it to. I read somewhere not to use graph paper for your pattern, that this site Knitpro has a knitting graph paper that works better for gauging your stitches.

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