Mid-May KAL

Well I finished my first Mid Month KAL.

What do you think?

In other news, the contractor had the supplies delivered to my house today for my new roof...Yeah, hale damage from last year is finally being fixed.

And I'm way bummed, because How I Met Your Mother isn't on tonight, so I guess I'll watch one of the movies I checked out from the library either Maria Full Of Grace or Les Choristes (The Chorus). I'm a little concerned about watching them, because the movies I watched this weekend...not as good as I would have liked. They were Elizabethtown, Bee Season and The Brothers Grimm.

But I am fairing better with the books I checked out from the library, Confessions of A Teen Sleuth is quite good thus far, very funny and I never read a lot of the old Nancy Drew books, but I think I'm gonna have to read a couple to truely appreciate the book. And I am rereading the 3rd Harry Potter, trying to be all caught up before the last one comes out this summer.


  1. Maria, Your cloth is so pretty. I love the colors. I did mine in plain blue...now wishing I had used a varigated yarn too.

  2. Oh, how pretty! I love the color, and the stripes! :)

  3. Beautiful cloth! Love the yarn you chose!

  4. Hi Marie! I am in the Dishcloth KAL too and stopped by to see your dishcloth. Great job, I love the varigated colors. I am new to the group but enjoying it very much! Have a great day! Karen T.

  5. I did that cloth as well in a very pretty handpainted Lopi wool as my DF wanted some cloths that were really rough as he has bad skin. He loves the cloth and loves the double knit cloth that I knit for him as well. One side is the Lopi wool and the other a complimentary cotton. He has told every one that thos cloths are his and not to touch, lol.

    Both of us are Harry Potter fans and are looking forward to the last book, sniffle, sniffle. As a birthday present for me, Bruce got me the Charmed Knits, and I can hardly wait to try the different items.