About me

This is a work in progress…
  1. I like to help people—collaborate, talk, be a muse. If everydaymuse had been an available blogger address I would have changed my blog a long time ago.
  2. I have two girls—I call them O and E. They are awesome and I can't wait to craft with them.
  3. A fence in the backyard…can not come soon enough.
  4. I learned to cross stitch while in Brownies in the 2nd grade. Cross stitching was my gateway drug into creating/crafting. 
  5. I'm 100% Greek.
  6. The perfect temperature outside is somewhere between 65º and 75º F.
  7. I big puffy heart LoVE television and movies.
  8. I'm a dog person, but I value and appreciate the independence of cats.
  9. Living in New York, LA or someplace in Europe is a dream of mine.
  10. TV and movies are my biggest nemesis « they suck my time. »
  11. I have planned what I will do with the remainder of my life if my hubby dies first.
    It does not include getting remarried. But it does include #9.
  12. I like to read. Follow me on GoodReads.
  13. I'm a technology hoarder.
  14. I think camping is overrated. 
  15. I have a craft room…which is basically a storage closet for craft hoarding/craft projects.
  16. I <3 li="" nerds.="">
  17. I have no solid philosophy…it kinda changes on an everyday basis.

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